International Symposium on IoP Projects


Innovation and Digital Transformation in Agriculture

●January 11th, 2021 14:40ー18:00 (JST,UTC+9)

●Simultaneous interpretation available

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・14:40 (JST,UTC+9)ー Opening remarks

・14:55 (JST,UTC+9)ー Keynote speech①
 Agricultural date collaboration platform WAGRI 
 Dr. Shigehiko Hayashi

・15:15 (JST,UTC+9) ー Keynote speech② 
 Current research on modern high-tech greenhouses in The Netherlands
 Dr. Esteban J. Baeza Romero

16:05 (JST,UTC+9) ー Keynote speech③ 
 How to build a successful business model with big data platforms
 Dr. Jos Verstegen 

16:50 (JST,UTC+9) ー Panel discussion
 The development and potential of “SAWACHI”IoP cloud system

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